Important End-of-Year Information

April 29, 2020

Dear Holy Spirit Parents,

We are extremely grateful for the many ways you have supported the distance learning process over the past six weeks and have partnered with us to educate your children. Holy Spirit is truly an extraordinary community that has stepped up in this extraordinary time.  

End-of-Year Plan
The recent directives from Governor Walz and the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, stated that all Minnesota schools will continue distance learning for the remainder of the school year. The Archdiocese recommends that Catholic schools end distance learning in late May.

We have consulted with the School Advisory Committee, other Catholic schools, and parish leadership, and have considered a variety of factors that impact our year-end decision. Considering the academic, social, and emotional well-being of our community we have decided that our final day of learning will be Friday, May 22—the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. Our students and teachers have worked incredibly hard and we are confident that students will be prepared to advance to the next grade level. We typically wind down academically after Memorial Day and fill the days with special events to celebrate the successful completion of the school year including final field trips, Olympic Day, graduation, our final all-school Mass and other culminating events that help bring closure to the year for students and teachers.

Students will have the days after Memorial Day (May 26-29) to complete any unfinished work. Teachers will make sure students know what they need to complete. Teachers may also use these days for any individual assessment that needs to take place (this will be arranged in consultation with parents and students).

Wednesdays in May
We have heard many positive comments about our Earth Day experience. Parents reported that they appreciated the off-line emphasis, the opportunity to catch up, and the ability to take a mid-week break. Many have encouraged us to continue. That said, since we will not be taking the two days designated for planning by the Governor (May 1 & 4) we will use Wednesdays in May (as have other schools in the Archdiocese) to provide a digital break for children and parents and to provide an opportunity for teachers to prepare.

We will be grading the third trimester as we normally do. Teachers will take into account the work students completed prior to distance learning as a base, supplemented by the work students have done virtually.

All teachers understand there are a variety of factors over which families have no control over. These will be taken into account pertaining to grades.

Ongoing Summer Options
Teachers will help prepare enrichment activities that will be available to families on a weekly basis through the month of June including: weekly STEM challenges, music and art experiences, reading and math support materials, and activities to keep students physically active…all optional of course. We do this to help students fill their days and continue their learning if we have ongoing restrictions or Stay-at-Home orders.

Look for further information in the FYI regarding special events and final pick up/drop off of materials. Thank you for your partnership these past weeks. We have been blessed to witness the unwavering strength of our Holy Spirit community.

With gratitude,

Dr. Mary Adrian                       Dr. Jennifer Krieger                      
Principal                                  Assistant Principal

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  1. Carolyn Halderman
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    For the 8th grade graduation.... is there a link to view it virtually? Our granddaughter graduated from the 8th grade. I have an email that I thought had the virtual graduation but it’s not with that. Thank you. Carolyn Halderman

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