An Appeal from Father Haugan

Our Easter will be different this year. Our world is in an unprecedented health crisis and the timing has coincided with our celebration of the Risen Christ.

Saint John Paul II reminds us, “It was He (Jesus), and He alone, who satisfied the Father’s eternal love…that love which man in a way rejected by breaking the first covenant,” and that it was through the Paschal Mystery that man’s redemption is achieved, “this tremendous mystery of love in which creation is renewed” (Redemptor Hominis).

How, then, should we respond to God’s “eternal love” which gave us his Son to die on the cross for our sins?

As disciples of Jesus, we are commissioned to share in His church on Earth. Just as the great saint suggests, when we become aware that we share in Christ’s triple mission as priest, prophet and king, “we likewise understand how each of us must share in this mission and service.”

I ask that you to fulfill the mission to be “kings” this Easter season by caring for the kingdom. We are all called to be the caretakers and sharers of the many gifts and abundant love which a generous and loving God has blessed us.

Our parish is in serious financial stress due to the pandemic crisis. With the suspension of Masses, collections have decreased by 50%. Some of our school families are experiencing personal financial hardships due to loss of employment and we are not collecting all of our tuition. We have had to cut expenses including furloughing 24 staff members. While our teachers continue to provide distance learning to students, we are committed to paying their salaries and benefits. These operational expenses are a necessity to the ministries of the parish.

Without the sacred liturgies being held in our church, I am appealing to you to still support the parish financially during this holy season. Last year, our Holy Week and Easter collections were just over $20,000 (including Palm Sunday).

We need you to support us as best you can during this Easter, and beyond, so that we can continue to support our staff. You may mail envelopes to us or drop them in the exterior drop box by the gym entrance of the Parish Ministry Center. You may also choose to use our Electronic Offertory.

I send you my prayerful Easter wishes that all of us may share fully in the Paschal Mystery. As Saint John Paul II writes, “Jesus Christ is the stable principle and fixed center of the mission that God himself has entrusted to us. We must all share in this mission and concentrate our forces on it, since it is more necessary than ever…” Let us prayerfully answer this call to Easter generosity.

May you and your family gain the blessings of Holy Week and a glorious Easter,
Rev. Daniel C. Haugan

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