Preschool Curriculum

The Preschool curriculum at Holy Spirit encompasses more than the academic plan for the classroom. It also includes all other activities that occur during the day, including: the daily schedule, the proper use of clasroom materials, transitons, routines, students' interactions with the teachers and peers, etc. Young children learn through active and postive manipulation of the environment and concrete experiences that contribute to development.

The daily schedule is intended to provide a balance of activities with attention to the following dimensions of scheduling:

  • daily outdoor play, weather permitting
  • alternating periods of quiet time and active play
  • a combination of large motor and small motor activities
  • various small group or large group activities
  • child-initiated and staff-initiated activities

The goal of the program is to emphasize concrete experiential learning and to achieve the following goals:

  • positive self-concept
  • spiritual development
  • children to think, reason, question and experiment
  • social skills
  • language development
  • physical development and skills
  • sound health, safety and nutritional practices
  • creative expression and appreciation of the arts
  • respect for diversity