Tailored Learning

Holy Spirit provides a small, caring community that permits us to know, honor, and teach every students at an individual level. Our faculty is committed to academic success for all of our students. In keeping with this commitment, we strive to differentiate instruction to meet the unique needs of each learner. Differentiating instruction means changing the pace, level or kind of instruction provided in response to an individual learner's need, style, or interest.

Learning Specialist

Working as part of the primary and intermediate teams, Holy Spirit's Learning Specialist supports Holy Spirit students and teachers by focusing on:

  • students who are more advanced in their understanding of content and are working on activities with inherently high-level thinking requirements and greater complexity;
  • students who are a basic or below-basic level of learning and need opportunities for developing the foundational skills that are critical for ongoing learning (specifically in the areas of reading and mathematics); and
  • students who need assistance with organizational skills or whose progress in this area requires closer monitoring.

These needs are addressed by:

  • working directly and indirectly with students, focusing on areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and organization
  • monitoring the progress of students and, together with members of the teaching team, maintaining communication with parents
  • supporting faculty in their work with students in the classroom (i.e. assisting teachers in identifying effective strategies to enhance student learning and success)
  • working with teachers and the principal to identify groups of students who will receive ongoing instructionin reading and mathematics.

The learning specialist will collaborate with teachers and staff by:

  • working with teachers to determine the best approach to meeting the needs of students (i.e. pull-out, in-class, consultation);
  • working with teachers to coordinate classroom-based academic support; and
  • regularly checking in with teachers for updates about student progress

Title I Services

Title I services are also available for students who qualify. Provided through St. Paul Public Schools, these services address concerns in the areas of reading and math for students who meet the eligibility requirements.

Title I services are provided on a small group basis to intermediate level (3-5) and middle school students.