Library and Media

Every student must develop strong technology and literacy skills and use them properly in order to function adequately as global citizens in the 21st century and beyond. At Holy Spirit we are blessed to have a robust technology platform that includes mac and PC laptops, iPads and a Librarian/Media Specialist with a technology integration certificate. Teachers ensure that digital and print resources are integrated across the K-8 curriculum. Students learn to use appropriate sources to access information effectively, productively, and ethically in order to become more constructive learners as part of their regular classroom routine. Holy Spirit students learn to manage the many forms of information by accessing it, understanding it, interpreting it, evaluating it, and collaborating with it.They also learn to analyze information for content, relevancy and accuracy, and be able to present that information in a variety of formats. Print materials continue to stimulate student interest in reading, support the curriculum of the school, and reflect our Catholic beliefs.