Art Education

Art is one way in which we participate creatively with God. Art is a universal language, a common human experience, and an expression of values. It provides a window into culture, heritage, and history and is one way in which these important markers are treansmitted to future generations. Holy Spirit's art program proides a sequentially based art experience as well as opportunities for students to practice problem solving and critical thinking skills, learn about history and culture, and estabish habits of mind that will last forever.

  • K-5 Art: K-5 classroom teachers conduct art classes with their students. Teachers coordinate instruction and focus on specific content at each grade level to help students become proficient in using art vocabualry and concepts. "Art Adventure" (a program sponsored by the Minneapolis Institute of Art - MIA) is part of the K-5 art curriculum.  Parent volunteers introduce students to classic works of art through weekly lessons typically presented in January.  After completion of the series of classes, students and parent volunteers visit the MIA to see first hand the works they studied.  
  • Middle School Art -- At the middle school level, instruction focuses on the elements of art; the principles of art; and art media and techniques.