Why Holy Spirit?

As parents, you want the best for your children. It is because you wish them success in all of life's challenges that Holy Spirit School is the right choice. Holy Spirit provides an education based on Christian beliefs and values, enabling your children to grow in their understanding of themselves, their relationship with God, and their relationship with others. As a community we honor each child's unique talents and skills. At Holy Spirit, young people learn to question, to establish confidence in their own good choices in life, and to experience the sense of accomplishment.

Holy Spirit is an environment in which students and staff live their faith, celebrate community, embrace service, and are inspired to achieve. At Holy Spirit we ...

Live Faith Through

  • spiritual and academic experiences that enable students to deepen their faith
  • broadening their knowledge of faith and connecting it to their daily lives
  • fostering self-confidence, self-respect, and self-discipline
  • becoming good stewards of God's gifts -- people who actively serve others and make a difference in the world

Celebrate Community Through

  • Spirit Families (multi-age groups of students) where younger students are mentored by middle school students; where they share faith, and participate in community service
  • regular school liturgies, prayer experiences, sacrament preparation, retreats, classroom instruction, and service learning
  • respecting the contributions of every member

Embrace Service Through

  • being challenged to give back to the broader local and global community through special projects, fundraising and learning about global issues
  • putting the Gospel message into practice
  • learning about issues such as hunger, water, and homelessness
  • learning about and putting into practice Catholic Social Teaching

Inspire Achievement Through

  • a strong liberal arts education supported by technology and focused on the skills needed for today and tomorrow
  • learning decision-making skills, high levels of literacy in language arts and mathematics
  • building understanding and appreciation for world history and cultures.
  • participating in visual and performing arts, building life-long habits of fitness and nutrition, and engaging in a variety of high-quality extracurricular activities.

Every day, children and youth at Holy Spirit have the opportunity to grow personally and socially. They are invited to know, love and serve God wholeheartedly. This is the reason our school exists. Because We Believe!