Planned Giving

“Planned Giving” is commonly referred to as charitable estate planning and generally refers to making a gift now while retaining an interest in the donated property, or arranging for a gift that the charity will receive in the future or at the donor’s passing (a final tithe to the Church).

Christian stewardship impacts all phases of our life including plans for our worldly goods and resources after our death. For many, using a planned giving method creates an optimal way to exercise the stewardship of the gifts entrusted to us. Planned gifts are typically larger and more sophisticated than normal Sunday contributions, capital campaigns or special fund raising events. A few examples of how parishioners can exercise their stewardship through planned giving include: leaving a gift through a will, establishing a charitable remainder trust, creating a gift annuity or designating your parish as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

If you would like to discuss a planned gift to the Church of the Holy Spirit, please contact Father Daniel Haugan, pastor, or Nadine Friederichs, Parish Business Administrator, at (651) 698-3353.

To see the ways you can become involved as a Christian steward, see the Stewardship Commitment Form.

To financially support our ministerial operations, see the Electronic Offertory page .