Phone Policy Changes

We are looking forward to a great school year and a successful journey with all of our students. Thank you for the support and encouragement you will provide your child as they navigate a new school year. I want to alert you to a change in our technology policy.

We support each parent’s decision regarding when they feel their child is ready to take on the responsibilities that come with a phone or other electronic device with Internet access. We encourage all parents to consider the emotional, social maturity and self-control needed to use cell phones responsibly. Our first preference is always that students keep their phones and electronic devices at home, however, we understand that some students need to bring their phones to school for before- or after-school purposes.

Our goal is to minimize the distraction of texting, social media and photo-taking that cell phones can create. Holy Spirit has had, and continues to have a policy which prohibits cell phones from being turned on while inside the school building and throughout the school day. Previously, our policy required that phones be stored in backpacks or pockets for the day. We learned that there were several instances where students did not follow the policy and were using their phones throughout the school day. Having easy access to phones was too tempting for many students. We want our students and teachers to focus their day on the learning experience and strengthening positive communication skills. We believe this new policy will support that objective.

Therefore, students who bring phones to school will be instructed to check them in for safe keeping with their advisor or homeroom teacher at the beginning of the school day. Phones will be returned to students when they are dismissed at the end of each day.

Students with IEPs or accommodation plans that stipulate the use of assistive technology may bring and use a personal device (tablet, laptop, etc.) during the school day with the permission of the principal and consent of teachers.

Holy Spirit is fortunate to have a wide range of devices that are available for classroom use, which limits the need for personal devices throughout the school day.

In your Back to School packet you will find a form to complete indicating whether your student has a cell phone or other internet accessible electronic device that they will be brining to school each day.

Thank you in advance for reinforcing these expectations.

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