Illness Guidelines

Many families have been hit by flu, colds, stomach bugs and many other ailments. Since flu and cold symptoms vary greatly from person to person, we encourage parents to seek medical advice. To minimize impact on staff and students we offer a few reminders: 1) Fever: May return when fever free for 24 hours without medication; 2) Diarrhea/Vomiting: May return when symptom free for 24 hours; 3) Strep Throat: May return after 24 hours of antibiotic treatment and no fever for 24 hours; 4) Pink Eye: May return 24 hours after treatment begins and eyes are free of discharge; 5) Communicable Diseases such as influenza, mononucleosis, etc. may return when cleared by their medical provider. In addition, it's always important for students to stay hydrated, eat well and get plenty of sleep. 

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