Holy Spirit is Building Amazing Readers

This year, Holy Spirit has partnered with Groves Academy to implement their Literacy Framework. Utilizing the PAF (Preventing Academic Failure) reading program, which is phonics based and incorporates Orton-Gillingham strategies, Holy Spirit has provided specialized daily instruction to all kindergarten and first grade students. Periodic assessment has helped us track progress. When comparing fall assessment results (using the AimswebPlus assessment) and winter results, we have seen remarkable gains in our first grade students. (Kindergarten students were assessed in the winter and will be assessed again the spring). Our first grade students made over one year’s growth in the first 3 months of implementation. We can’t wait to see what our data will show after our spring testing. We expect to see continued strong growth. We will expand the program during the 2018-2019 school year to include preschool through grade 2. Help us spread this good news!!!

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