Roof Replacement Project

The church roof replacement project continues. Friday morning saw the delivery of our new tiles—66,000 pounds delivered by two flat-bed semis on 30 pallets.

Project updates:

  • The Rectory roof has been completed. They found the roof deck to be in tact and that most of the leaking was due to the felt membrane having disappeared over the years.
  • The breezeway roof (over Aquinas Library) will be completed this week. We have realigned the gutters for better flow into the downspouts on the east side.
  • The lower roofs over the Sacristy and the organ loft are underway.
  • Older tiles from the high roof will be removed for use on the lower roofs.
  • Gutters are being installed along the east side of the church roof.

Outside of delays due to our summer rain showers, all is progressing well with the project!

Please see the Fact Sheet for the project for details.