Habitat for Humanity

Summer 2017

Holy Spirit will be working again this summer as part of Interfaith Builders, a 10-congregation consortium of area churches and temples. This year we will work on a home at 930 Fuller Ave. in St. Paul’s Midway/Frogtown area. We’ll be working Monday through Friday during the weeks of Aug. 21 through Sept. 1 beginning at 8:15 a.m. each day.

To register to volunteer, visit the Twin Cities Habitat Interfaith Builders website.

To volunteer as a site host (helping out on site with organization, picture taking, meal setup; not necessarily construction), please contact Sue Lyons at cssmlyons@gmail.com or at (651) 699-6878.

It’s always a fun and rewarding time, so please join us!

Habitat for Humanity Final Report 2017

Holy Spirit, as part of Interfaith Builders, had a successful 14th year working for Habitat for Humanity. We worked for 2 weeks on a new 3-bedroom home at 930 Fuller Ave. in St. Paul’s Frogtown neighborhood. Types of work included sheetrocking walls and ceilings, moving scaffolding, painting siding and trim and working on front and back porches of the house.

Holy Spirit had 20 volunteers on site during the 2 weeks; at least two every day. These 13 men and 7 women put in a total of 44 work days, more than twice the number of days worked by any other congregation in Interfaith Builders this year.

16 people were involved in organizing, preparing, and delivering food and supplies for snacks and lunch on Monday, Aug. 21. On-site workers enjoyed the delicious food during the day, including special homemade treats and even solar eclipse cupcakes.  Yes, we were able to see some of the eclipse during our breaks, too!

We had many financial donors, without whom Interfaith Builders would have been unable to meet our pledge of $15,000. Holy Spirit was able to contribute $3,000 thanks to your generosity.

Overall, we had fun, worked hard, enjoyed meeting new friends, and contributed to making the world a better place! Thanks for all your support and prayers. Look for more photos on the Holy Spirit website. And get ready for next year!

2017 Holy Spirit volunteers and donors:

Teresa Burns

Mike Convery

Kay Craighead

Larry Craighead

Ann Davis

Financial Donors

Dave Fox

Dan Haugan

Linda Haugan

Dorothy Heller

Shirley Kiel

Cheryl Kuenster

Mary Kae Kuenster

Ted La Fleche

Chris Lyons

Sue Lyons

Earl Madison

Meghan Maresh

Renee Miller

Terri Minni

Carl Modl

John Modl

Maureen Modl

Tom Modl

Jay Monogue

Steph Monogue

Mary Mulcahy

Kathy Mullery

Tom Murray

Alphonsine Mutombo

Tom Olin

Louisa Paul

Joe Rafferty

Mary Rafferty

Bruce Schneeman

Matthew Schneeman