The gifts given at Baptism are sealed by the sacrament of Confirmation. Those who receive this sacrament are not just called forth in a particular way to the mission of being a Christian, but through the Holy Spirit they are given the strength necessary to accomplish this task.

Preparation for Confirmation happens during the 8th grade year.

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Please provide Holy Spirit with a recently issued Baptismal Certificate, Attn: Confirmation. This may be obtained from the church where your child was baptized. The certificate must be issued after July 2, 2018. Original certificates, copies of the original or certificates dated earlier than July 2, 2018, will not be accepted and you will need to request a new certificate.

For more information, email Christopher Menzhuber or call (651) 698-3353.

Preparation for Confirmation

1. Candidates should register for confirmation. See registration above.

2. Attend required Confirmation meetings. See the calendar below.

3. Complete the Catechism Worksheets:

4. Participate in Service:

5. Choose a Confirmation Saint (Chosen at the time of registration)

6. Choose a Confirmation Sponsor (Chosen at the time of registration)

7. Complete Candidate-Sponsor Activities (these may be completed earlier if that is easier)

Confirmation Calendar

Parents may sign up to attend one of the evenings to share a small group with other parents HERE.